The perfect way to discover the subtle magic of Franciacorta is to wander through its villages and hills, surrendering oneself to their fine charms, dropping in to the wineries to sample their wines, discovering
in each hamlet its artisans and antique furniture shops, rummage around in the open-air antiques stalls and markets, let one’s palate be seduced by the family atmosphere of the trattorie and by the restaurants’ elegance and refinement, where local meats and Lake Iseo fish duet together in succulent harmony, led in the culinary dance by the area’s two iconic dishes, Rovato beef with olive oil, and the oven-baked stuffed tench of Clusane. In Franciacorta, vineyards lie cheek by jowl on the hillside with olive trees, vegetable gardens, and woods, and create an irresistible landscape that begs to be discovered bit by bit, as soon as one steps out from the hamlets that grace this magnificent stage. Franciacorta’s wineries, boasting interiors that are true cathedrals to the most modern winemaking technology, are all there, too, awaiting a visit.