Especially designed for incentive groups, this initiative has always been very popular and met favourably.
What can be more funny and exciting than a challenging and competitive treasure hunt to discover the secrets, the history and the many charms of this quaint little city?
The historical centre, totally enclosed by the tree-lined Renaissance walls, will be the official grounds for the competition.
The teams previously formed and trained, will challenge each other in ability tests on the walls and in history riddles. They will taste our wines, discover our museums as well as the secret and unexpected hidden corners in our historical centre and will then go on to climb the Guinigi Tower, with its sprouting trees on top. During the treasure hunt experienced animators will put on a delightful performance.
For the successful outcome of the treasure hunt we recommend an introductory guided tour of the city (about 2 hours) with an experienced guide who will quickly run through the rules of the hunt and ” initiate ” into the history and curiosities of Lucca, in a funny and entertaining way.
Should there be no time for such a tour, the hunt will nonetheless take place in a simplified version.
-The hunt lasts about 3 hours
-There will be questionnaires and ability tests
-The hunt will be divided into stages, about 6-8 and will take place in different spots all in the historical centre and all reachable by bike
-The bikes rented are “city bikes”
-Animators will always be present and ready to help in every stage of the hunt